I Absolutely Love My Breadman Bread Machine


I never owned a bread maker before, but I thought it would be a nice addition to my kitchen. I had a few friends recommend me to get a Breadman bread machine so I did a little research online. It seemed like the perfect choice for me with the features I desired and many positive reviews. I would have to agree with what I have heard a lot of other people say about it! I’ve had my Breadman bread machine for about three months now and make a fresh loaf of bread almost every weekend. I absolutely love this bread maker.

Firstly, it is really nice to be able to adjust the machine to my perfect settings; there are some occasions when I want to make a one pound loaf while others I need something larger for more guests to enjoy. I can also adjust the crust shades so I can make it perfectly for my family each time- not too doughy nor too brown! Just the other day I was able to bake a gluten free bread for a friend of mine who has a serious gluten intolerance all thanks to my Breadman bread machine. She loved it because the bread comes out to be the ideal texture and quality. It really is a wonderful machine that allows my husband, my three children and I too have some bakery-style bread whenever we would like!

I just started experimenting with different ingredients like fruits and nuts. The Breadman bread machine actually makes baking and being in the kitchen tons of fun and quite easy. Since I purchased this machine, I have not had to buy bread at the grocery store once. Now that my family and I have grown to love the delicious taste and freshness of the bread I can bake at home, there is honestly no need or desire to go back to store-bought breads. As you can tell, I would 100% recommend a Breadman bread machine to anybody!

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A Special Gift for Mom: Microwave

mom dayOne of the things I love about my mother was her ability to ensure that the whole family had a hot meal every time we ate. Back then, heating food was a nasty affair which would involve lighting stoves. She has held on to the principle of ensuring meals are always served hot even to her 70th birthday. Being the most special woman in my life, I’ve decided to give her a special gift on Mothers Day. A microwave. It will make heating meals a lot easier for her. To find the right microwave, here’s my strategy.

First, I’ll drop by my mom’s house and do an investigation of her kitchen. The main purpose for the investigation is too determine whether there’s enough space for a new microwave and if any form of kitchen remodeling might be necessary.

Second, I’ll create a list of the features that I believe the microwave should have. Although I own a microwave, I’ve found that some of its features are totally useless. So I’ll try to put myself in my mom’s shoes and figure out which features she would prefer.

Third, I’ll use the internet to find a quality microwave. It has several advantages including saving time and high chances of finding a good discount on a high quality microwave. I’ll also be able to study different microwave oven reviews 2015 to get a better picture about the top appliances as voted for by consumers. Using the internet will also enable me to compare among different microwave ovens within a short period of time before I select the one to buy.

Finally, I’ll make sure to place my order a few days before Mothers Day. This will enable me receive the microwave early enough as well as qualify for free shipping. It will also give me a few days to wrap and prepare to present my Mothers Day gift.

My Office Experience with a Good Cup of Coffee


Don’t you just love the sweet taste of coffee? Is making a cup of coffee probably the first thing you do in the morning when you get to the kitchen? If yes, then you have to agree with me that this is one of the most popular beverages we have around. Nothing kick starts your day better than a hot cup of coffee. This is only made by the top coffee makers.

I used to have this high-end coffee maker at the office that made some really good coffee. I enjoyed its service for about 6 months then it broke down. I never got to know how or why but any attempts of fixing it only led to more damage and incurred costs. It didn’t even take that long before my staff started to complain about the coffee so I decided to replace the machine. I never knew the coffee was of much importance but it seemed to be what kept the staff going. I personally got irritated whenever the machine got jammed and I could not get my cup of coffee.

Before I bought the previous coffee maker, I had done a bit of research so I was already having information on these machines. There are different types of coffee makers for example drip, thermal and grind and brew coffee makers. You need to know the exact type of machine that will work well with your situation. I needed a drip coffee maker that actually makes multiple cups of coffee within a short period of time. This was ideal for me and my office staff. I had to select a replacement from some of the top coffee makers. Some of the key features that I was considering included an effective cleaning system that made the task of cleaning the machine quick and easy. It was also supposed to have an automatic shut off system that would probably keep the coffee hot for some period of time before shutting off. There was also the issue of an easily removable filter basket for easy cleaning and filling. I managed to get a good replacement; I could see it in the faces of my staff every time they came back from a coffee break. This was also reflected on the improved quality of output by the staff.

Be it making coffee at home, at the office or in a restaurant, top coffee makers will provide you with good quality coffee.

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