Saturday, March 5, 2011

Five Things

I've had a weird week. I came home from a vacation. Had my end of the year banquet for dance. Cleaned for two days straight. Had blogger's block. Made some treats. And then bought lots of Boomer food from Trader Joe's. Tried a new fruit for the first time. Cried a little. Started a new adventure by signing a Foodbuzz contract. Hoped to hear from a potential new job, got put off another week. Cried a little more. Did a lot more job-hunting. And ate more sweets. Started reading a(nother) new blog, and got inspired. Then decided it was positivity from here on out. Made some decisions about my life. And I intend to follow them. So, in the style of Emily (whom I wish I could do everything in her style), here are Five Things I am really loving this week!


These roses I got from my dancers at the banquet. I love them all very much, and it touches me that they feel the same way... (at least I think they do).


This pup and his crazy underbite getting his staples out, and being 100% again!


Crazy good Paneer Tikka Masala, and Garlic Naan from Trader Joe's. Seriously. Delish.


I still have 4 of these frozen in my freezer (duh), just 10 minutes away from consuming. And I have plans to make more tomorrow.


Importing pictures from two cameras, and finding pictures like this that remind you what awesome people you have in your life!

P.S. Go! Team! Canada!


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